This is a blog about Executive work life balance. I want to empower you to combine a balanced life with a satisfying corporate career.

The old model of leadership – long working hours and a focus on work to the exclusion of everything else – no longer applies. A huge body of research over the past thirty years has confirmed the links between a healthy work life balance and both physical and mental wellbeing. For leaders this must be the foundation for making wise decisions in complex circumstances.

The corporate world is experiencing a serious shortage of female leaders. Women step off the career ladder in their 30s and 40s in an effort to fix their work life balance and rarely step back on. The skills they’ve developed are all too often lost – at a huge cost both to themselves and their employers. Along with the valuable contributions they could have made to their workplace.

There was a time when choosing between career and family was the only option. That’s so last century. In the 21st Century if you’re a working carer you can have both. But you must be willing to step up, take control and become a balanced leader.

My role is to support you. As a working parent I understand your family needs you. And I know the corporate world also needs you. I can show you how to combine these two worlds in a way that satisfies you.

The Executive Work ReBalance Mentor

Almost twenty five years ago I stepped away from a demanding corporate role to campaign for family friendly working practices. Apart from maternity leave and limited protection against discrimination there were few opportunities then to work flexibly at Executive and senior levels.

Nowadays the possibilities are greater. We have examples of senior managers (often women but a few pioneering men too) working flexibly. If you’re smart enough to be a manager then you’re smart enough to work out a successful arrangement for yourself – given enough time. Working through the issues raised in this blog will help. You’ll need to tailor your work to your specific situation and navigate outdated practices often deeply embedded in corporate cultures.

Or you can choose to work more closely with me – save yourself time and benefit from the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated. I designed the Balanced Leader Programme and Balanced Leader Bespoke with you in mind. Together we’ll craft an arrangement that works for you. If you’re interested please  get in touch and let’s explore possibilities.

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